General excursion info

Trip boat?

Folklore services can be attended by:

  • Canoe
  • Rowing boats
  • Long boats

There are boat rentals online so you don't have to own a boat.

It is advisable to rent a Long boat in time, eg. Sulkavan Vene Oy - Long boat rental and sale Tel. +358 400 155 148. Sulkavan vene will transport the long boat to your desired departure point and retrieve it from Pori. During the excursion the customer is responsible for the boat.

There will be an information event for participants and skipper skippers (time and place will be announced later.)

Organizer of services

The services of the excursion are organised by Satakunnan Kansansoutu ry, whose co-operation associations are Vammala Retkeilijät ry, Äetsän kunto-81 ry, Huittinen Latu ja Polku ry, Harjavallan Latu ja polku ry, Porin latu ry and Karhiniemen kyläseura ry. Satakunnan Kansansoutu ry is a member of the Suomen Latu


On the highways, there is usually a guide to break and stopping points. There are directions to different service points at the stops, and you can see the locations of the different stopping points on the maps. The signage has the of Satakunnan Kansansoutu.

Service office & Office Car

The excursion is on the shore of Sylvää and the excursion service is located at the Marttila school.

Office car serves all tourists who have purchased the service during the excursion. Office car always stops at the rest area. The car also has a sales outlet for hiking products.

The lost and found items can be retrieved during the hiking from office car and after hiking by Tapio Soininen, executive manager.

The trip speed

However, journey is made at your own speed, with the intention of departing in hte mornings and taking breaks and eating places on schedule. The aim is to come to Pori as one chain. The distance is 109 kilometers. Organizers help to pass the power plant dams. Participants can also make canoe and boat teams, with the team paddling or rowing part of the trip, with a change-over at rest areas. This also allows beginners to participate in the excursion.

Dining and Lodging

Catering and lodging places have food portions for sale. There is an area for campers and caravans for overnight stays. Paid school accommodation is also available. The service fee includes accident insurance at break places, equipment transportation, daily coffee service at break places, camping in Kokemäki (Riste) and Harjavalta and washing facilities at overnight stays.

Transport of equipment

The outfit car transports overnight equipment for campers supplies during the rowing, on the Sastamala - Riste - Harjavalta - Pori line. This service is included in the service charge.

Power plant dams to bypass

People's rowing serves bypass power plants dams. Each power plant in the area above the dam must strictly adhere to safety instructions. More details can be found in the rowing tour guide. Service charge includes assistance to pass power plant dams. Long boats are moved by organizers' trailers with the help of the boat crew.