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Kokemäenjoki - river information

The Kokemäenjoki River starts at Liekovesi in Vammala, in Tyrvää power plant. The waters of Rautavesi and Kulovesi flow into Liekovesi via Vammaskoski.The river flows into Pihlavanlahti in front of Pori, from where water flows into the Bothnian Sea. The length of the river is 121 km. The average flow of the Kokemäenjoki River is 240 m³ / s, and its flow is regulated for the needs of hydropower plants.
The Kokemäenjoki watershed is the fourth largest in Finland. It covers an area of 27,000 km², of which lakes account for 11%, or about 3,000 km². The water body consists of an area with abundant lakes, located mainly in Pirkanmaa, and a river section flowing through Satakunta.
The largest tributary of the Kokemäenjoki is Loimijoki River flows into the Kokemäenjoki River in Huittinen. Loimijoki river starts from Pyhäjärvi in Tammela.

Other significant tributaries are the Sammunjoki River, which flows into the Kokemäenjoki River in Huittinen and originates in the southern part of Sastamala. The river Sammunjoki is called the upper reaches of the river Sammunjoki or Illonjoki, downstream it is called Sammunjoki or Nanhianjoki.
In Kokemäki, the Kauvatsanjoki, River flows into the Kokemäenjoki River, which originates from the border region of Sastamala and Hämeenkyrö. In the catchment area of the river are the crater lake Sääksjärvi and the shallow, almost overgrown Puurijärvi, which is part of Puurijärvi and Isosuo National Park.In Pori, in the lower part of the Kokemäenjoki, the river Harjunpäänjoki, which originates from Jousijärvi, flows into the river. The main part of the river is called by different names: the upper part of the river is called Joutsijoki, from Kulla church to Leineper rapids the river is called Kullaanjoki, in the village of Kaasmarku it is called Kaasmarkunjoki and the lower part of the river is Harjunpäänjoki or Holminjoki. In the context of fisheries, the Harjunpää River is often referred to; in the context of water management, usually from the Kullaanjoki.

Did you know.

Kokemäenjoki is our fifth largest river basin. The catchment area is 27,046 km².

The average flow in the Kokemäenjoki River is 240 m³ / s.

The actual Kokemäenjoki River starts at the Liekovesi bone in Vammala, passes through Äetsä, Huittinen,Through Kokemäki and Harjavalta to Pori, where it flows into the Bothnian Sea via Pihlavanlahti.

The river section of the Kokemäenjoki River is 112 km long and has a fall height of 57.5 m.