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Registration 2023 to Kansansoutu opens at 02/2023.

Welcome aboard to year 2023 Kansansoutu. Trips services orders Satakunnan Kansansoutu ry.

Service charge includes accident insurance in place of service, equipment transport, daily coffee service at brake stops, help bypassing power plants (church boats are transported on organizers trailers, with rowers help), Camp at Kokemäki (Riste) and at Harjavalta, evening program (dances etc.) and trip guide, service pass ja memory stickers. Satakunnan Kansansoutu doesn't organize the rowing, the people on the trip performs travel shares at your own responsibility and with your own transport.

Service sign up happens paying participants services and products straight throw this websites webstore. Payment is performed by boat community (=with the same payment whole crew's service charge). Order confirmation reseipt of the payment needs to be with you. Choose products and add to shopping cart number of persons and -items. And add at checkout transports and peoples information.

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