Satakunnan Kansansoutu rowing event will be take place 14.7.-16.7.2023

Satakunnan Kansansoutu rowing event is a laid-pack 109-kilometer extreme touring event, which is completed by rowing and paddling from Sastamala to Pori along the Kokemäki river. The three-day rowing event has became popular among rowing enthusiasts and audience. Many of the participating groups have made participating in the event a yearly tradition. The biggest number of participating boats in the previous events has been over 400 boats with the total of 3000 rowers. In addition, thousands of curious viewers gather along the river banks to observe the participants performance.


Satakunnan Kansansoutu is not a competition, but extreme-trip event through wealthy and beautiful Satakunta. Trip fits for all ages and for families. On the river participants move at your own tempo and in resting places come together. Starts from resting- and eating places happen in compliance with service schedule. We strive to arrive to Pori as one group - canoe and boat ''chain''.


Kansansoutu is a lot more than just a rowing-trip. It provides not only thrill and physical challenge but also chance of being together with friends, get to know new people and as well, learning more about culture. During the 109 kilometer trip you have opportunity to learn from the oldest Finnish cultural landscape in unique way. At the weekend when this event is organized, the Finnish flags will be raised among the riverside. Which is very beautiful way to honor Kokemäki river and magificent nature of Finland. Only moving along the river you can understand how important lifeline it has been since time immemorial - how first vikings and after them hanseatic traders have used the river as their fairway. Kokemäki river has always been lifeblood to Satakunta and today it provides eye-catching cultural landscape with rapids that unite past and present.

Many of the participants of the event have highlighted the social and relaxing side of the trip. It makes them come year after year back.

Welcome aboard!